Press Release Sample #1

Comm 1’s Digital Cable TV Grows in Customers

KANAWHA, IA, Feb. 11, 2010—Comm 1 is pleased to announce that about 40 percent of its existing customers now have the new digital cable TV service. This is particularly significant in the rural areas as Comm 1 could not offer service there under its old cable system.

Besides servicing its regular customers, Comm 1 has experienced a 10 percent growth largely coming from the rural areas.

Customers report that they enjoy the additional channels and the clarity of the picture. Customers now have more movie, sports and news options plus the addition of numerous music channels.

Comm 1 Chief Operating Officer Randy said that the company has received many inquires and requests for services. At the present time, there is a 6-8-week window to serve new orders.

“It is a labor intensive and time consuming process,” Yeakel said.

Digital services are available to the Kanawha, Klemme and Corwith areas.