What Others Say About Paul's Writing Abilities

Paul has been preparing press releases for our corporation since 2008 and has also written articles for our quarterly newsletters. Another service that Paul has done for our company is to assist small, nonprofit organizations to prepare grants to help further their cause. Every piece of Paul's writing has always been done in a very personal and professional manner.

Randy Yeakel
Chief Operating Officer/Director
Communications 1 Network, Inc.
Kanawha, Iowa

It has been my privilege to know and be associated with Paul for many years. I appreciate so many things about him. He is very conscientious about whatever he does. His skills are sharp and varied. He seems to have a great mix of insight, facts, knowledge and professionalism in each task he takes on. I really enjoy any chance I get to work with Paul on any level. His heart is one that desires to serve and does it with passion and excellence. His wit and sense of humor makes it easy and fun to work with him.

Curt Weerheim
Athletes in Action
SE Asia Area Coordinator
Lebanon, Ohio

Paul Delger is a no-nonsensewriter who has the ability to tell a story clearly and accurately. He is an outstanding fact-checker and he has the ability to use those facts well in the process of describing a situation in print. One of the best things Paul has going for him is that anyone he is writing about has complete confidence in him. A trust quickly develops that is admirable long after the story has appeared in print.

Ron Maly
Retired Sports Writer, Des Moines Register
West Des Moines, Iowa